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Tokyo Three Dimensional Suite

3D video / HD(side by side) / color / 14min. / Oct. 2010

We took this film using a single digital still camera. The movement direction of the camera was fixed from left to right. We create the parallax using the time difference of the images, that is the right eye image is slightly behind the left eye image in the time domain. In this way, we harmonized the past and future images as a stereo film. We can control the depth of the scene by adjusting the time difference. A familiar sight is suddenly metamorphosed to the new view that no one has ever seen. Please enjoy the new view of Tokyo.

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"Tokyo Three Dimensional Suite"
preview (1min.30sec., on YouTube 3D Stereoscopic)
description (2min.10sec. on YouTube)

music“3 preludes” “3/4 blues” by George Gershwin, piano Sachiko Kawakita