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installation art / Aug. 2008

"STEREO SHADOW" is a simple stereo image generator. It is composed of a red light bulb, a blue light bulb, and 3D glasses. I found this idea from a similarity between a camera and a light source. Imagine the relation among a light bulb, an object, and its shadow. If we put a camera at the same position of the light bulb, an image taken by the camera has the similar outline as the shadow casted by the light bulb. Two light bulbs can generate a stereo shadow as a stereo camera with two lenses can generate a stereo image. A stereo image without texture gives you a special feeling. Enjoy this feeling!
I was taught by 3D researcher taht: the technique of a red & blue stereo shadowgraph was invented by Mr. Laurens Hammond in the 1920's. Thank you.

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" STEREO SHADOW" Work commentary 2min. © Goshima Kazuhiro 2008 >Watch this movie in YouTube

*Art Division Jury Recommended Works 2008 (12th)Japan Media Arts Festival